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During your consultation, we will discuss the many options available to you with the four methods of extensions we offer. Each method has a different application process, life cycle and features, making it uniquely special. The method choice is based on many factors, including your lifestyle, hair type and hair texture.

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tape-in extensions

Tape-in extensions are a wonderful choice for someone who is wanting a quick transformation that lays ultra-flat to the head. This heat-free method is the quickest to apply (45-60 minutes) and can be re-used for up to 9 months. They are attached to the hair using a medical grade adhesive and are latex-free. Maintenance is required every 6 weeks in order to keep the extensions looking their best and to avoid any damage!

best for: short/blunt cuts who want to go longer

to avoid: if your hair is extremely fine or very oily


keratin extensions

Keratin extensions (also known as bonded, fusion or k-tip extensions) are attached using a heated fusion tool that molds the keratin-tipped extension around a section of natural hair. This method is ultra-discrete and can be customized for any hair type. They can get into the trickiest of spots and have 360* mobility. There is no maintenance required for keratin extensions and they can be worn anywhere from 2-5 months, depending on your hair type.

best for: ultra fine/fragile hair, or busy babes

to avoid: if your hair is curly or very thick


weft extensions

Also known as beaded weft, habit method, etc. these extensions are attached by creating a beaded base and sewing the hair to the base of beads. There is no heat, glue or adhesive used. There are many types of wefts to suit almost any hair type: volume weft (for the thickest of hair), handtied extensions (for fine/medium hair) and genius wefts (for most hair types). We also offer a hidden bead extension method, which makes the hair look entirely seamless. The hair can be reused for up to 1 year and maintenance is required every 5-10 weeks depending on your hair type. 

best for: someone who wants ultimate fullness/thickness

to avoid: if your hair is extremely fine 

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